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tips & tricks Share your tips or tricks for using Jibo's SDK or skill development with other Jibo developers! developer events A place to discuss and learn more about events for Jibo developers, including meet-ups, hackathons, and hangouts. If you have an event recommendation for the Jibo team, let us know! skills showcase Share your completed and in-progress Jibo skills with the Jibo Developer community! feature requests Discussion about all things feature-related for Jibo's SDK. Is there a feature you like or one you've been waiting for in Jibo's SDK? Post here to let our team know! dev news & announcements News and announcements for Developers from the Jibo Team. developer lounge Random or off-topic discussion, any topic you choose. Please keep it civilized and safe for work. skill design Use this category to discuss skill design, both technical and creative, including: behaviors, animations, speech, character design, etc. You can also find help for your project or offer your design services here. support If you're a developer and encounter a problem or spot a bug in the SDK, with your robot during development, or just have a question, we're here to help.
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