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developer lounge Random or off-topic discussion, any topic you choose. Please keep it civilized and safe for work. tips & tricks Share your tips or tricks for using Jibo's SDK or skill development with other Jibo developers! skills showcase Share your completed and in-progress Jibo skills with the Jibo Developer community! developer events A place to discuss and learn more about events for Jibo developers, including meet-ups, hackathons, and hangouts. If you have an event recommendation for the Jibo team, let us know! dev news & announcements News and announcements for Developers from the Jibo Team. feature requests Discussion about all things feature-related for Jibo's SDK. Is there a feature you like or one you've been waiting for in Jibo's SDK? Post here to let our team know! skill design Use this category to discuss skill design, both technical and creative, including: behaviors, animations, speech, character design, etc. You can also find help for your project or offer your design services here. support If you're a developer and encounter a problem or spot a bug in the SDK, with your robot during development, or just have a question, we're here to help.
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Hi all, We just wanted to make sure you knew that our developer blog has been recently updated with more information about the status of our Developer Tools for Jibo and our plans for the future. You can find that post…

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