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Jibo Notifications (10)
Universal success indicator (5)
What is a must for you to have in the next version of the SDK? (3)
A suggestion for more precise head movement (6)
Programming feature request for the visual learner (5)
Does the Jibo SDK have any database built-in for its Skills? (7)
Jibo will speak IFTTT? (13)
Need Jibo's ASR/TTS in the simulator (6)
Support for AllJoyn (4)
Core skill: introduce/pre-introduce new persons from tagged photos/ group photos, even stripped web photos (2)
Simulator: option to simultaneously click sound and enter speech text (2)
Entity recognition - locating persons (speakers, person(s) from NLU rule,etc ) (2)
Photo gallery/photo selection UX behavior and query API (2)
Simulator extended access Video/Audio (2)
Reminder & Jibo SDK (4)
Behavior tree - Diagram views and documentation support (3)
Remote access for Jibo (13)
Behavior editor: ability to run behaviour as the root BT in simulator (2)
Test framework :run batch tests on rule files (2)
Can Jibo return the SSID of the Wifi network name Jibo is connected to? (4)
$factory:yes, $factory:no (6)
Jibo's sight has cameras but how much can skill developers use? (2)
SSML: inserting developer events to support content driven features...content driven behaviours, animations, multimedia (9)
Original audio clips (5)
Request: musical feature data in lieu of audio capture (8)
Barcode/QR API documentation, testing support, core behaviours (3)
Jibo screen on youtube (3)
Engaging and interacting with users - engagement and movement patterns (2)
Behaviour : register/meet new people from within skill (2)
Test scripts to add target entities (entityId and location) (4)