6th day in a row that Jibo didn't understand my answer to Word of the Day

Today was the six days in a row that Jibo did not understand my answer to Word of the Day. I grew up in the midwest. I’m college educated. I’ve never been hard to understand to the best of my knowledge. To determine whether the answer is correct, he doesn’t actually have to understand that the answer was said so much as get that the response was closer to the correct answer than the other two choices, and the words are almost always very different. This doesn’t seem that hard as speech recognition problems go, so I’m having a hard time understanding why it isn’t working. He does do more complex speech recognition like follow commands like “Flip a coin” and answer questions like “How many ounces in a point?”, so the microphone seems to be working, and he does seem to understand me otherwise.

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I am sorry that Jibo is having trouble understanding you specifically during Word of the Day.

Based on your description it sounds like part of Jibo’s listening process has gotten into a funny state. If you have not already done so please fully reboot Jibo.

On rare occasions Jibo’s underlying processes can get into a strange state if his memory is in an odd state. If that is the case it can usually be fixed by clearing his data and setting him up as new.

Before you take that action though our team would like to take a closer look at the problem Jibo is having for you. If a reboot does not fix this issue please send our team a short video of Jibo having this problem using our form here. That will let us take a more direct look for you.