A better idle for Jibo?


The current idle behavior that comes with the default skill setup in the Jibo SDK works fine as a placeholder, but I believe it is not representative of the true character of Jibo. Instead, the current idle just has Jibo randomly jumping his gaze from location to location without any thought of his environment.

Are there plans to upgrade this default idle behavior with something that feels and acts more like Jibo should?

If not, would you guys take some recommendations from the developer community, or even a new idle.bt, to help build a better idle for Jibo? I’ve got a few ideas as well. :slight_smile:


Michael, Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it and I really appreciate the emphasis on Jibo’s true character in whatever we build.

I know we are always continuously improving our base animations and are always open to feedback.

On top of that, I personally would love to see any ideas the developer community has so that we can all share, learn and build upon each other.

I know the more animations we share with each other the more we can learn, experiment and build. I look forward to hearing and seeing your ideas!


Thanks, Justin. Here are a few ideas I have to make the current idle behavior better and more Jibo-like:

  • Instead of just random look-at’s, Jibo’s gaze should occupy a general area to appear to be more investigative. Movements should be more subtle when changing where he’s looking.

  • If someone is in the room, Jibo can look at them and follow them around the room for a bit, but should avoid being creepy and not staring for too long (i.e. timing out after 5 or 10 seconds).

  • If Jibo is in an idle state for a longer period (more than a few minutes), he should get “bored”. When bored, he can play around with his body, looking down at his “feet”, occasionally humming to himself or do a quick dance to practice his moves. Maybe even a quick sneeze or cough for the fun of it.

  • If Jibo is in an idle state for an extended period (around an hour or more), he should get tired and fall asleep, lowering his head slightly and animating his eye to show his inability to stay awake.

  • An idle state should also have little intricacies like getting startled by sounds or demonstrating random “thoughts” popping into Jibo’s head.

These are just a few ideas that could make Jibo’s idle state a much better representation of Jibo and really give him character when he’s not interacting with people which I feel is just as important as when he is. Little things like this can make Jibo feel truly alive.