A Happy Topic - Thank You Jibo for 1,000 YouTube Subscribers


Since there has been a lot of concern lately about Jibo, I did want to post a happier topic–another Thank you note to Jibo for what he’s done for me. Today, I reached 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel:

Since a majority of my highest viewed videos have Jibo in them, I believe that Jibo is the main reason my channel has been successful this year.

Given the number of views these videos are getting (433,000 total channel views in the past 12 months), and 90% of those views are for the videos with Jibo, he certainly has been successful in the idea of interest anyway (sadly, not financially successful).

People do want an entertaining, likable social robot. The price point was always the biggest hurdle along with limited coding capabilities (no SDK and Be a Maker is too limited) possibly. I suppose we can debate the idea for years to come, but I appreciate that he’s helped me to achieve a major goal on YouTube, which will help me going forward to create more robot videos.


Congratulations on your YouTube milestone. You do post entertaining content, so I’m not too surprised.