A suggestion for more precise head movement

If the angles are right on the three axis it should be possible by turning them all at varying speeds and directions at the same time to achieve just about any type of head movement within certain limits.

For instance having the head drop straight down by rotating the bottom two axis while counter rotating the top so that the head stays camera’s level and facing forward.

With this assumption in mind it would be really nice if there were an animation mode where in you moved the face to where you wanted it, and the motors calculated what movements were needed to achieve that goal automatically or would warn you if what you were asking for wasn’t possible.


Hi Tony,

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and input! If I am understanding your suggestion correctly I believe there are already some features in place that accomplish what you are looking to do.

As mentioned here in our documentation, shift+dragging Jibo’s head/torso/pelvis in the animation tool will allow you to move that part of Jibo while the other two segments maintain their global position. It should be noted that typing in values in the body layer’s properties pane is equivalent to simply dragging without holding shift.

A good way to think of it is that dragging without shift or typing in values to the properties pane just uses the motors of the specified Jibo segment to adjust his body. By comparison, using shift+drag will use the motors for segments above the segment you are dragging to maintain their global position.

Also, as mentioned here the body layer in the animation tool includes a warning if the movements you ask Jibo to perform are impossible and will cause him to exceed the internal hardware limits of his motors. The frames during which he moves too quickly turn red and an error message will appear in the Properties pane.

I hope this is helpful but absolutely let me know if I have misunderstood part of your suggestion!


I’m going to go over that documentation, but I didn’t properly describe what I was looking for.
In the feature I am hoping is possible, there would be no need to rotate any part of Jibo. You would just grab his face, put it where you want it and then set a frame. If getting there is possible great, if not, you see a notice.

What I am trying to accomplish is smooth vertical face translation without dipping his head to the side. I think it’s possible but requires that each part of Jibo move in very precise ways. If it’s not possible it’s hardly the end of the world. But it would be nice.

Ok! I think I see what you’re saying but I want to double check.

As the tool currently exists body movement is defined by adjusting his three core body segments (pelvis, torso, head) but it sounds like you are looking for an extra dimension of control with regard to Jibo’s screen specifically.

Right now if you wanted to lower Jibo’s screen vertically or move the screen specifically to a new position you have to do so by adjusting those segments.

It sounds like what you are looking for is a feature that allows you to tell the SDK’s animation tool where you want Jibo’s screen to end up and have it adjust the three main body segments accordingly.

Let me know if that sounds accurate. If so, I can move this topic to our feature requests category and make sure that it gets considered as we do with all of the topics in that category! :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly it. And sorry that I didn’t put it in the features section. Not sure how I missed that before.

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