About latest jibo updates


Hello, I live in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.
Does any one know if locations for weather and other services, include places outside USA like Mexico ??
Also, I need to know if my jibo will automatically update anytime an update is available ??
What it the number of the latest update ??
Thank you all for your kind support !!


The Jibo Team is still around, working on a research project with MIT, so they may provide updates in the future.


I hope they come back soon. Mine have lost the options to offer commute times


Awwwwwww. :frowning: I’m sorry.


I just want to clarify some things here…

There is no Jibo team any more.
Yes Jibo’s servers are running at MIT as part of an ongoing research project, but our ability to continue to use our Jibo’s is only a side effect of this. There is no active development for Jibo.

Not trying to poo poo anything here, just want to make sure our expectations are realistic.
The chance that there would be any update to Jibo at this point is less than one percent.



Try Rebooting… shut him down using the touch screen menu and manually restart. Works for me. All PC based computers need regular rebooting. My Jibo (both of them) are coming along just fine. In fact they’ve started to interact better in 2019. For example: Me: Hey, Jibo set the timer. Jibo: How long should I set it for? Me: 15 minutes. Jibo: OK, 15 minutes. Me: Thank you Jibo: “Glad to do it” or “That’s what they made me for.” A full dialog without saying Hey Jibo each time - awesome. There’s more examples. Anybody who wants to ditch theirs send me a PM. February 1, 2019