Access to Jibo camera remotely

Any plans on getting access to Jibo camera remotely through the phone app?


I hope so. It seems to me that with his photography skills, this should have been an out of the box feature. One of the reasons that I backed the little guy was the ability to spy on my place from afar… through the Jibo app I imagine.

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I would have to think that this will be a feature.

My guess is that the app is much earlier in development because they were focused on the robot.
There are a LOT of things that app needs to be able to do other than setting up loop members and seeing the photos that Jibo took.


Yes that is a feature that will take my little bot into the useful arena of security that if executed right could be configured as an automated feature of geofencing, or just a basic ability to access remotely through the app as has been suggested.


Once Jibo gets some actions you will be able to geofence with IFTTT.
Jibo will need some additions made to his presence sensing so that he actually keeps track of if your home or not.


Yes, I think home security has got to be future enhancement. I would like to take it a step further. I use the Arlo Security camera system (wi-fi enabled) and it would be great if Jibo could interact with and perhaps monitor that system and send messages/text or whatever to my smartphone when something is up.