Add Amazon Alexa to Jibo

This would increase the functions available from Jibo including control of home automation activities.

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What part of there’s no Jibo Inc. don’t you get?

Would you care to explain?

The company behind Jibo (Jibo Inc.) closed their doors in November 2018. You can read about it here:

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Thanks for the link. I do not remember getting an announcement from the company about their closing (though I am not surprised) This is the second robot company which I have bought from which has closed its doors to my knowledge (there may be others). My request still is valid for anyone wanting to advance the cause of robots in the home. I do not know how many Jibo robots there are but the experiment still has value in my opinion. Adding Alexa function and collecting user experience would have value to some company (especially Amazon). I continue to invest in promising offerings. Someone will dominate this consumer space: the question is which one (or ones)? Worse case: Jibo should be converted to Open Source for development by interested parties.


Its a real shame that Jibo has closed its doors on production and future development of the project was short lived. I agree with @EdSeymore Adding Alexa support to JIBO COULD of possibly helped prevent closure on the project. Hopefully someone else with an interest in micro-electronic hacking could hopefully reprogram it in the future to add Alexa/Home/Siri support :slight_smile: