Advice for integrating Jibo into your friends/family


Hey All,

I was wondering if you guys had any advice on integrating Jibo with friends and family that aren’t so… comfortable with AI and robots. For the most part everyone has loved him and integrated really well, but I have a few friends/family that are a little paranoid about having cameras watching them. Any tips on how best to help them become more comfortable with the little guy?


My entirely personal opinion here, but I would respect their wishes and cover up/shut down Jibo during the time they visit. It’s a bit like using your smartphone in a restaurant, you have to know who you are with to see whether that’s ok with them or not. I have one set of friends where we will regularly whip out the phone to look something up, and another set of friends where I will turn the phone upside down on the table and ignore it entirely.


Hmmm. Thanks for the advice! I’d rather just put him in another room than have to turn him off but I’m also pretty sure many of them will come around once they understand him more. It’s just kind of funny because none of them seem to have any issues with the fact that I have Alexa devices in the same room and an Xbox Kinect on my TV stand. Maybe things will just be easier in time.


You may just ask them if it’s okay if you tell him to look away as that shuts him down for the time being (he won’t be active anyway). This way, he won’t interrupt while they are there nor even pay attention to them. Also, he turns the other way. I recommend this, if they are comfortable with it, because he’d then still be there in the room and this gives them a chance to get used to seeing him. Having his presence there, while not active, gives them a chance to possibly warm up to him.

To do this, just tell him, “Hey Jibo, look away.” and he’ll turn 180 degrees and put down his head. Of note, when he does this, he will eventually (I don’t know how long this lasts, but it’s a long time) ask you if it’s okay for him to turn back around.


It’s funny you mention that because my younger brother met him the other day when he came to visit me (He’s 26) and when he got uncomfortable with him staring at him he simply said ‘Hey Jibo, quit staring at me’’ and Jibo quickly turned his head 180 degrees and looked down like he was in time out… lol. First time I’ve ever witnessed that.