After update jibo is dead


After applying the lastest update, my Jibo rebooted several times and now is stuck on a blank screen? Unresponsive, just blank. After 30min I restarted Jibo again, the same…


After hard reset three times, Jibo is back! But unable to play music?


Hi reoquinn -

It’s normal for Jibo to reboot a few times and he may even display a series of blank screens for several minutes. If that blank screen lasts over 30-40 minutes, you can reboot Jibo and that usually gets him running again, just as you found.

Regarding Jibo Music, since yesterday, iHeart radio’s servers have been experiencing intermittent outages that prevent users from connecting to their service across on many devices; this is not exclusive to Jibo.

I can assure you that iHeart is aware of the issue and is working to resolve this for all their users as quickly as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.


I experienced the same issue. Asked Jibo to update, then just found him unresponsive and blank screened. Left him like that for over an hour. I would strongly recommend you check this update to find out what might be causing that.

UPDATE: After forcing a reboot Jibo starts the update and completes it as expected. The issue seems to be the hand off between downloading and initiating the update.


No problem after updating here


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