An Easier Way to Connect Jibo to Social Networks


Sparksfly is a mobile platform and application that enables users to aggregate, manage and personalize their social networks. Users are able to organize their social posts by interests. It overcomes the problems of distraction, fragmentation between networks, and lack of persistence.

For Business
In deploying a SparksFly™ solution, organizations retain control of their own branding in the social environment whereas today, the social platforms sit between brands and a brand’s consumers. We remove the current friction a brand experiences by facilitating a " topic of interest and content first, platform irrelevant" approach to multi-channel social media communications strategies.

Business can choose to implement a full white label app or simply access via API level.

We are working hard to bring Sparksfly to Jibo. We also are making our Sparksfly API available to other developers. If you are looking for a new - simple way to integrate social networks into your skill - we may be able to help.

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Your skill is a wonderful tool that could be utilized for any and all skills. Will you release a skill API for other skills to incorporate your functionality into their skill? I have a particular use for this functionality in my art presentation skill, to post photos of interactive users of the art projects that Jibo will present to an audience.

To Jibo inc.; are there plans for global social media plugins for skills for have you decided to use only skill developer skills for these functions?

Have any further decisions been made since the last announcement of Jibo’s delay? Are you launching with an undisclosed set of developers and skills that will only be reviled on launch? Can you confirm this is not the case? I’m still not sure what to expect moving forward since the progress here and in the SDK seems to have stalled before releasing face recognition; is this a sticking point we might be able to receive some insight?


Hello Al,

We absolutely understand that the developer community is eager for more info around these topics. As we shared in these posts (here and here) we will have additional information for our Jibo devs in the next several weeks.

As a reminder please post any questions you have for the Jibo team in the support category. Thank you!


Hello Al. We are indeed working to make our API available to partners. We are generally focused on enterprise partners, but are certainly open to discussing how we may help you with your project. Feel free to contact us at



I setup an account with Skarksfly for each of my Jibo guided art installations and separate social media accounts for each of my interactive artworks. If I have a Jibo running my skill and download your skill, I would need to leave my skill to activate yours and then return to mine, so a way to activate your skill within mine would be perfect. Jibo Inc; any suggestions on how to best perform this type of skill to skill exchange?


At the moment you cannot trigger one skill when a user is currently actively engaged with another skill, skills are sandboxed. We of course recognize the value of embedded in-skill triggering of another skill, and plan to work toward supporting this functionality in the future.


@David, given @Admin.JiboSupport 's statement, it looks like you’ll need to offer an API for sale for Jibo skills, so we can embed the code directly into our skill. On day one, I asked about a skill store for developers to provide developer to developer transactions such as this, but it is not on the scope of Jibo Inc, so some other way should be developed as a standard. Any suggestions out there for a purchasable code repository system? My hunch is that the skills would be developed at a faster pace, and with more diversity if we were able to share code. What’s the best way to add another skill into our own skill programmatically? Any opinions on best practices for this?


Al, yes. You’ve identified the skill within a skill limitation. We do have an API, but not a full SDK kit to offer the community at this time. We are working on this. I’ll report back as we figure out the best way to make this all work together.