Animation Examples


I created some animations that others might find interesting. They do not necessarily conform to the Jibo Design Style Guide, but instead demonstrate how versatile Jibo’s platform is for creating any type of animation. The animations include a lightning strike, a soccer ball hit, a laugh and a scream. You can view them here:


Great work! You really captured the fun spirit of Jibo’s character… I particularly like the soccer ball screen break and the little scared twitch he makes with the lightning strike.


@DevMiser These are SUPER COOL!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I really love the creativity here! Absolutely amazing!


Thank you. I won’t keep doing this, but I’m adding one more animation below because I think it is a fun one. It’s a Jibo simulation of skydiving:


Ha! That’s very creative…very fun and exactly what I would expect Jibo would look like skydiving. :slight_smile:


@DevMiser - This is hilarious! I love it! I love the voice-over too.

One thing that I feel you did really well was combined images with voice and body movements in one animation. WOW!

I love how Jibo seems to be giving the sense that he is indeed experiencing skydiving. Very impressive. Thank you again for sharing!