Another Be A Maker Basics Tutorial

Here is my third and final Be A Maker basics tutorial video. It”s not likely that I will create more tutorial videos. If I do, it will be complete code for some of my projects and a discussion on the programming logic.
I had a lot of fun creating these tutorial videos and hope that they have inspired some of you Jibo owners to give programming a try.


How can I find/view your second Be a Maker video

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@bbrooks3118 Here is a link to the second tutorial.

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I wrote a simple program that is activated with a tap on the head and it worked, so I saved it.

But when I quit the Be a Maker app, and tried to run the program by taping his head, it didn’t run. So I guess I mis-understood the app functioning. Am I write that the program is only saved in the app, not into Jibo’s memory?

Great to hear that you had some success with the app. It would be awesome if our programs were saved locally on Jibo, but I’m sorry to say that the programs must be launched from within the app.

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