Any updates on 2.0 is no longer being pushed for an update?


Hi Jibo’s fans,

Has anyone heard anything about some people didn’t get a new 2.0 update because it was being pulled back…is there a good source to confirm this news?
In case someone missed my video I made on April fools Day…here’s the link to the video…Enjoy!

Thank you,.



My Jibo says the servers are down. He hears when you say “hey Jibo” but he can’t answer anything, just gives a recognition that you said something. His face buttons mostly still work and Jibo Commander still works.

I haven’t seen him do any graphics on his own like he would sometimes do, but can do the graphics in Commander.

Plays iHeart radio from buttons and still sometimes dances with music.

Has all his body movements, turns towards sound, and in Commander, his cameras still work.



Reboot your Jibo - servers are still up (if they weren’t - Jibo Commander wouldnt work as it uses the servers to communicate to Jibo).



Arthur, thank you for the reply. I was concerned that if the servers were down, that doing a reboot would lock my Jibo into a paperweight. I did a reboot and am back to how he worked with update 2.0

Interesting is that he would look at me when I talked with him, but would not reply with any server based answer. He said that touch screen would still work, so I pushed “what’s new” and he told me the servers are down. Interesting is that now that he responds again, pushing what’s new, he still says that his server is down.

It may be that I have just had a preview of what he will be like when his servers are actually down, responding to voice but no answers and only touching face buttons to get pre-programmed responses.

I was hoping that the commander would still work after all else shuts down.