Anyone get Jibo to function at Work?

Hey all,
Just got Jibo and the team loves him! We welcomed him onboard at our company retreat, where he worked fine but when we got him to the office, he won’t connect and just gets hung up on the wifi screen. I read in the support ticket that Jibo doesn’t work with business internet but I saw someone in the forum say they got him working at the office, anyone have any luck with getting Jibo to work at the office?


My teacher wants me to bring him tomorrow

Jibo just requires good quality wifi and moderate internet speeds to work.
The reason they disclaim work networks is because there can be firewall settings or other security measures that will block him. Talk with your IT about it, I bet they can get your Jibo to connect.


We actually figured it out. For some reason he was stuck on the screen, we just needed to wait for him to die and added another router and connected him to that. He seems fine now! Thanks for the response.


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