AppToolkit Xcode 9 Run Failure missing folder HELP


After much fighting and GitHub cloning I’ve managed to get the AppToolkit to build with only a few Switch 4.0 warnings, however, it won’t go to 4.2 without major work as switch 4.2 says it can’t accept files from 4 (It staggers me). After the successful build, when I go the run with an iPhone Simulator it I get the error:
<unknown>:0: error: no such file or directory: ‘/Users/malc1/apptoolkit-swift-library-master/AppToolkitSdk/AppToolkitTests/Command/SayCommandTests.swift’

Command /All Malcs Projects/All Robots/JIBO/Xcode9files/ failed with exit code 1

I’ve searched all through the files and Github sources that I’ve found or been given, but can’t find a folder called ‘AppToolkitSdk’ anywhere so there can be no AppToolkitSdk/AppToolkitTests/Command/SayCommandTests.swift files.

Does anybody have this folder or know where i can get it.

Many Thanks Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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