Authenticating via oAuth2

Hello fellow “Jibo-ers”!

Has anybody been able to successfully authenticate a Jibo skill to a 3rd party API using oAuth2 credentials? For a typical web application, the workflow is as follows:

  1. Redirect the user’s browser to the 3rd party’s “consent” page, specifying your own “callback url”.
  2. Once the user clicks on the “I Accept” button, then they are redirected to your callback url and an authorization key is provided.
  3. The authorization key now allows you to interact with the 3rd party API.

I’m not sure how to apply this type of workflow within a Jibo skill because I don’t believe that redirecting away from the index.html page is supported. Has anybody had any better luck?

Thanks in advance,

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Your example is where a better understanding of the JIBO mobile app, that will be used to load skills might come in.

Unless Jibo Inc will be using Jibo’s screen for all setup, then there will be a Jibo app or Jibo site to include this functionality. This app/site should allow all skill developers to setup their skills in the app before sending to Jibo.

If this is the case, waiting for this solution would be best; depending on what Jibo Inc will release about this process or if any decisions have been made to do so.

The other option is for you to setup this on your own skill website, and have Jibo reference the setup server to load the proper oAuth2 credentials.

Thank you for your reply and suggestions - I also look forward to the skill management capabilities that are yet to come!!