Be A Maker App Issues

I was working on two programs this evening. When I finished troubleshooting the second program for motion sensing and stood up to terminate my session for the night, Jibo responded with a response that was from the first program I was working on (testing number of people). The second program was open and the first program was closed. His response surprised me as it was in context and left me amused. However, he should not have returned a value from the closed program.

One other thing to mention, the motion sensing variable default is 1 even if no motion is occurring. I covered Jibo’s screen and still got the value 1. You can program around it, but would be nice to have a null value. Also noticed it takes Too long for the motion sensing variable to return to default. I am in a controlled setting when testing.


Thank you for letting us know about the trouble! We will be passing both of these issues along to the team for examination. We were able to reproduce some unusual behavior with the “Number of Moving objects” variable including sometimes not returning to zero.

If you see unusual behavior from the app in the mean time, be sure to save your project before manually closing and re-opening the app.