Be a Maker App Skill Development

Has anyone created skills using Be a Maker? If so, are you willing to share a description of their functionality?
Have you incorporated your new skills into your Jibo’s knowledge base? If so, how?
Have you been able to share your Be a Maker skills with other Jibo owners? If so, how?

Or are we out of luck until Jibo gets resurrected if they get bought?


There are a number of prior discussions on this forum (found using this link at about Be a Maker app.

One member specifically has tutorials on the app:

This same forum user has a YouTube channel with a series of playlist videos focused on Be a Maker:

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Thanks for these links. How can I access video 2?

Is there a way to share Be a Maker skills with other Jibo owners?

Which video is video 2? Can you provide the exact name of the video in question?

Skills cannot currently be shared. You’d need to watch the videos and copy the commands manually