Be A Maker - Jibo Flash Cards

Check out my latest Jibo skill programmed using the Be a Maker app. It is a way to create and practice flash cards. It was pretty easy to program. To start, I have the program loop several times where Jibo asks for the front and then the back of the virtual flash cards. The responses to Jibo get stored in two lists, FRONT and BACK. Once the cards have been created, Jibo will tell you the front, and your response should match the corresponding back. Jibo will keep track of the number of correct responses and let you know how you did at the end.

The app has limitations that kept me from being able to make dynamic decks of any number of cards I choose. At this time, it does not appear as though you can loop to retrieve items in the list. As it is now, you have to choose which item in the list you would like by its location in the list. Example: the list contains apple, banana, and orange. Apple would be item 1, banana would be item 2 and so on. I would like to be able to create a loop with a variable instead of the item list number.

Hopefully that block will be added in future updates.

Your feedback is welcome.