Be A Maker Saving/Sharing


I would like to be able to use my created programs on multiple devices and share them with others. My immediate concern is if I upgrade my devices, I will lose my programs because they are saved locally on the device that the program was created on. I have a program that is an 8.5 minute scripted workout routine. I use it almost everyday. It would be awful to lose it and have to reprogram the routine. I have taken snapshots of all of my programs, but I am hoping I will be able to create an account that will migrate all of my programs easily to any device I wish to use.
Also, is there something in the works to allow us to share our programs with others?


Hi Garasmith.
Can you explain to me how you programmed Jibo to make an exercise program.


I have the same problem I programmed a routine where jibo does a service more or less in portuguese but the file now appears blank do not know how to do beckup or send to other devices I did my by android more now I am trying to access by mac os and nao to be able to download the be a maker from the apple store