BeAMaker Build For Nexus 7 5.1.1 Android Studio 3 on OSX


Hi Here is a slight ray of sunshine :wink: in all the gloom :fearful: , I stopped trying to build the BeAMaker App for OSX yesterday as new swift 4.2 libraries appear to be Jibo incompatible with the Swift 3 build I project I found on the web. I’ll have another go at that next week. The good news is that I managed to successfully recompile BeAMaker for Android Nexus 7 5.1.1 using Android Studio 3 on OSX. There were some issues I wasted over a day on being misled by Android Studio posts about wifi on any virtual tablet, But when I connect a real Nexus 7 that didn’t have BeAMaker on it, it worked. Despite the fact that I built the code, BeAMaker made the right calls to Jibo, asked me to login in as a Jibo owner and then connected to Jibo successfully as you can see from the pictures. This may not seem much to you harden developers but its exactly what I wanted to achieve a working comms shell with BeAMaker code in it, but it could it be any code, say a large text string for Jibo to read out? Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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Awesome! Where did you find or obtain the BeAMaker source? I would like try and build it myself.

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Drop me an email. I’m running Android Studio 3 on a Mac running 10.13 OSX I really want to get the IOS version working by there have been many Xcode upgrades since it was released.

Regards Malcolm

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