Behavior (does not show the 4 panes)

When opening a new project for some reason the 4 panes when clicking in the behaviors folder does not show, what am i’m doing wrong.

Hello Stamic51,

Are you using the SDK on a Windows Machine?

If so, the tool’s 4 panes would not display in unless you ran npm install in the skill’s directory from your command line as described in step 4 of this tutorial. After yourun npm install like that you would want to re-open the new project you created.

If you have already run npm install after creating a new project and are still not seeing those panes, I may need a little more information to help get to the bottom of this for you. If you could provide a screen shot of what you are seeing as well as answer the following questions about your current setup, it will help me take a further look for you.

What Operating System You are on:
Amount of RAM:
Node Version:
Atom version:
Does it say {$project} in your Run Directory area? (to right of simulator play button)

If you are using Windows

Command line tool (Git Shell or Git Bash):
Visual Studio Version:

If you are using Mac

Do you have Xcode command line tools installed? (xcode-select --install in terminal)

Thank you!

I’m using a Mac 2009
up to date on node version and atom
and it does say {$project}

And here is the screen shot, thanks

Thank you for the further info, that gives me a better idea of what may be going on.

For some context, normally running npm install is only required on Windows because Macs should pull in the required node modules automatically.

I can recommend a manual step you can take to fix this on an individual skill but then I would like to suggest a few other things that might help fix things so that the SDK is pulling in those node modules automatically, as expected.

To fix this manually for any one skill: You will want to take the same action that you would as though you were on a Windows machine. You will want do cd into your skill’s directory in Terminal and run npm install.

Keep in mind that the global suggestions below will only fix this for newly generated skills. If you want to fix any skills you have created up to this point you will need to take this action (running npm install from your skill’s directory)

Things I would want to check/recommend to help fix this more globally:

First, could you confirm that you have xcode select installed? (by running xcode-select --install in terminal )

Second, I know you said that your node version was up to date but I want to confirm that it is a 4.x.x LTS version of Node. If your Node version is the “current” version they offer (right now it is at 6.2.0) that could also be causing the problem. The SDK requires that 4.x.x version.

If you are on OSX 10.9 or later, have xcode select installed, and have a 4.x.x version of Node and are still seeing this issue it is possible something occurred during install of the package.

If that is the case, you would want to disable and uninstall the package as described here and here. You would then want to reinstall by using these steps again.

Let me know if you continue to see that message when creating a new skill after looking into these items and I will do everything I can to continue getting to the bottom of this with you.

Thank you again!


Thanks for your help, what I did I delete the Node.js and Atom and started back over it now works. thanks for your help.