Behavior tree - Diagram views and documentation support

Documentation & communication support

Diagram views of the BTs that can be exported would be very useful for:

  1. documentation & dev feedback - helps to quickly understand, explain or recall
  2. tracking requirements and features.
  3. testing
  • Normally, the root would be the main BT, including custom BTs
    Perhaps, for larger projects, the starting BT is not the main BT.

  • includes custom BTs

  • export as image or ?

  • Diagram decorations :
    ** Node type,
    ** label,
    ** option to show asociated rule or animation file,
    ** other attributes - as you or others suggest

Thanks in advance for considering this
Best, Bob


Wonderful idea…it would be very helpful for both simple and more complex skills. I would also add that it would be great if collapsed behaviors would save their state so that re-opening a skill in the SDK would keep those behaviors collapsed. Working on and collaborating with more complicated skills with many branches would be easier this way.