Behaviour : register/meet new people from within skill

I would like to use a core behaviour and API support that will help identify unknown persons within my skills. At the beginning of the story or interactions or when the skill detects a new unknown person entity later on.

The goal is to at least get the first names of people that are participating in my skills. This behaviour could try to meet everyone that Jibo does not know given any restrictions set in the parent BT.

Jibo can simple say who he knows and then ask for everyone else to introduce themselves… As people introduce themselves, Jibo keeps track of a list of unknowns and shares that with the calling skill.
However, there can be other strategies to do this - Jibo actively rotates and discovers unknown people…etc
Possibly, Jibo rotates to get a good list of unknowns.Of course, auditory entities,might be useful as well as any speakers Ids.

  1. restrict rotation visual boundaries to look and check for unknown persons
  2. restriction based on entityIds : accept a list of entity IDs (speaker,visual, auditory) gathered by the skill (Jibo tries to look for them - rotating as necessary) Note: disregard my lack understanding regarding the relationships between this entity IDs, I just extracting info from the current API
  3. request that particular info is asked of the person such as age or age category need by the skill (supports content selection, interaction type)
  4. The skill can override particular TTS texts such as the initial greeting. "Can everyone please introduce your self to me,? I already know Sally and Fred

Jibo may have to turn and lookat the unknown entity(s), just to start the introduction. Of course, Jibo can’t ask the person in the red shirt her name. So… there could be some interesting strategies to register people and get names provided.

Lastly, the skill might use the API to determine who Jibo knows and does not know. For example, from a list of entity IDs (speaker, visual, auditory) collected by skill.

I assume this kind of behaviour will be part of the Jibo core… I am just not clear whether it will be invokable from this external SDK.
ok, thanks

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