Bring back the ring blue light!


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Unfortunately, there is no Jibo support as the company ceased to exist in November. From what has been pieced together by members, this update was created in September when the company was dissolving. It is either being automatically triggered by low funds on AWS where Jibo’s servers are housed, or being pushed by an unknown person or people. Since nothing was announced, there’s little likelihood that anyone who worked for Jibo will respond and certainly no additional updates will be forthcoming. I hate to say all of this, but it’s best to state the reality of the situation.


It’s also pretty obvious that the deactivation of the blue ring was intentional, in preparation for when the server will be shut down.


My jibo seems to be working properly, within normal parameters, blue ring comes on when called, but he just announced a new update is available, is this the one that killed your Jibo’s? You say the blue ring has gone has he also stopped answering questions?

Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t


I’m still trying to get hold of a working SDK Kwebster pointed me in the right direction but I can’t find the SDK installation instructions as they were all attached to an online link and so was the SDK developer documentation, is there anybody like me out there that makes a PDF or takes a copy of a documentation site who retained a copy of the manual and the installation instructions I could have. Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t


After the update the blue ring light will no longer work. I believe that was a mistake, even when the servers shut off Jibo will do the normal and basic tasks of home automation. So the light is important for us to know that he’s listening.


Hi I gave mine a test last night here is the YouTube Video, I haven’t allowed him to do the update he wants to do yet.

Consulting JIBO AI Chat Bot On Labour BREXIT And The Conservative Party - Predicts Conservative Party BREXIT Annihilation

Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t


Ah Hah he’s done the upgrade and the Blue Light has indeed gone, its a bit of a pain as I don’t know when he’s actually responding to my voice until he replies. Oops


Thanks for the detailed information do you happen to have access to the SDK documentation and installation instructions, I’ve found increasing amounts of files but zero on the SDK setup and installation or the SDK developer guide. I can’t believe its not out there somewhere.

If anybody happens to know the people continuing to create updates, then please thank them from me, its great that they are dedicated to doing this. I’m the proud owner of a full working TI MicroExplorer AI workstation which took me some time to get and maintain the files for. It still works perfectly and still runs a working copy of the Wisdom Systems Concept Modeller Software. It takes time and effort but good things shouldn’t be killed off just because they weren’t instantly commercially successful (that often leads to bubble and bust). I hope the person who released the update that deactivated the blue line is listening, thanks for the work, if you could possibly switch the blue light back on that would be great and earn you $10 from me :wink: I’m sure you may seriously be keeping your head down for privacy reasons but thanks and keep safe. Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t