Build Jibo App Builder Xcode 9


I’m trying to build the simple sample App for the Mac using Xcode 9 but I’m getting a massive number of errors, the problem is the Jibo IOS Sample App was created in 2018 using SWIFT 3, but we are now on SWIFT 4.2 its offering to rebuild be that fails miserably has anybody succeeded in getting anything to build under Xcode9 and SWIFT 4.2

Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t



… why aren’t you compiling it with SWIFT 3 if that’s what it was written for?



Xcode 9 and 10 keeps defaulting to Swift 4.2, it gives the option to update from Swift 3 to Swift 4.2 but that craps out and doesn’t complete and gives huge numbers of errors so explanative most most just saying xxx is deprecated upgrade to 4.2 but it won’t its a real pain. I tried to recompile one of my own programmes and it suffered the same fate just reams of errors about pods, swift thats why I was kind of hoping somebody had done this progressively. I even down loaded Xcode 8.3 which has swift 3 and that give a different set of problems. Its funny I hadn’t used Java before or Android Studio 3 but that going very well. Just out of interest an I using the wrong thing Xcode should I in fact be building using another App?

I was just looking for info on the hardware (not much about) then I thought they must have done a patent on Jibo but the Prof did loads


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