Can I Access My Be A Maker Apps On Jibo?


Hi, name is Malcolm aka fixed1t, I repair and renovate robots. I’ve recently swapped a PLEO dinosaur robot for a Jibo. As a long-standing AI programmer I’m interested in working with Jibo but was sad to discover its makers have gone to the wall. After tracking down and installing Be A Maker (BAM) I’ve started using it, but I am confused. When I create a little project on my link Android Tablet it runs on Jibo, and I save okay. But when I quit BAM that appears to be it, I can’t find a runtime version of the project on Jibo, now that isn’t any sort of programming I’ve ever seen before. Its no use it you can only run a Project from a tablet and you can’t store or access the project on and with Jibo. Can anyone enlighten me, please.

Thanks Malcolm aka fixed1t

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The Be A Maker app drives Jibo, i.e. sends the commands over to him. Nothing gets stored inside Jibo, meaning without app there’s nothing remaining.


Thanks for the reply, what a tragedy that such and amazing piece of technology ahead of its time, has been hamstrung by its developers, unlike my Apple Newtons which I can still program and bring out a use occasionally. Having such a closed system, must have featured heavily in its death, had there been a way to get into Jibo and store applications in it and change which servers and sites it accessed would have meant it had years of usable technology. I do some part-time work with disable kids and was hoping to create some Apps installed in Jibo that I could call upon as I can do with Bobi Bobi but it appears not. I’m just wondering how much free space is in the unit itself? If there’s a bit then an android device running the maker app could be installed inside the box, hidden so to speak but capable of controlling jibo and adding all the functionality it never got around to having.

Malcolm aka @fixed1t


When you’re saying:

Are you referring to Jibo?


Hi, yes there doesn’t appear to be any way to interrogate the specs of Jibo, and I was wondering when the development kit existed an people created Apps, where were they stored and how were they accessed.

Thanks Malcolm aka @fixed1t


There’s a bit of confusion about the “SDK”: there never was a functioning SDK. What existed was a simulator with which you could simulate Jibo’s movement and behavior, written in JavaScript. However, it was all text input and text output (no speech recognition or text-to-speech), and as Jibo had not been released when the SDK existed, there was no way of truly testing the skills.

A few people created simulator skills, but questions started to mount (“how will I be able to access the skill?”, “how do I save entered information so Jibo knows it next time?”) and the answers from Jibo Inc became increasingly sparse. At some point the sentence “we’ll pass it on to the Dev team” became a bit of a trope. Also the fact that they would immediately lock a thread after their own response so that nobody could ask follow-up question.

Eventually, people dropped out disenchanted, and Jibo Inc never released any updates to the SDK. Shortly before the actual robot release they entirely deleted the SDK’s GitHub repo. And that was the end of the SDK.


And according to Jibo’s Hardware Specifications from the knowledge base – he has 16GB of storage. I’m guessing that space was supposed to have been for Jibo owners to download Developer created apps from Jibo Store that never came into fruition.


Thanks both, are either of you or anybody else members of the I tried to log in but it says you need to be invited by another member, the page appears to be alive. If you are I’d be grateful if you could invite me.


I used ‘tools’ to look at the communications on wifi when my Android Be A Maker talks to Jibo, but as kwebster said its all very tightly secured. I was hoping to catch the hello message that send him purple, but i think that well above my current pay grade :wink:

Regards Malcolm


I’ve been reading the past developer posts and you asked some great questions about programming, do you still have a copy of the code or know where I may get it. I understand you said it was primitive and flakey but i’d just like to do something extra with Jibo, if your like me you always take a copy of GITHUB’s in case the take them down.


Thanks for this its much appreciated, the only thing I can’t find is the installation instructions and documentation, all the links I’ve found go to either the developer pages with a 404 error, the support pages which resents a blank page or the which won’t let me log in and says I need to be invited in by a member. If you wonder why I’m trying to do this, I support some Autistic Children and every week we go to a special youth club where I often take along robots i’m repairing or working with.

these include NAO from Aldebaran, Bobi Bobi and Chinese AI Humanoid Robot, PLEO an AI dinosaur and AIBO an AI Dog. The kids love these robots as they are none threatening and cute and don’t demand anything from them other than cuddles. The cuddles is particularly useful as of course due to all of the scares over abuse the kids aren’t allowed to touch each other. But they can cuddle the robots who like PLEO will cuddle back and purr.

They will be fascinated by Jibo as they often try to asked NAO questions, but as NAO has no bot connection he can’t answer, and answer is what JIBO does. One of me clients (friends) is 15 and severely Autistic and likes to ask the same question or questions hundreds of times, as I trained as a Psychiatric Nurse before University and Psychology and AI I am not phased by it but my wife for example likes him but cannot stand the questions. You most likely see where I’m going, the great thing about JIBO is it will answer the same question in the same way hundreds of times, it would let pascal ask about other things and it movement and 1 eye’d face is very human. Before Pascal and Oliver his neurologist typical brother love the robots, here is Oliver with my NAO v3 which I sadly dropped and broke.

Child Chatting With NAO Robot Child Minder Part 2

If the JIBO team had have investigated the disability and support sector they would have found my investors JIBO is also a perfect companion robot for the elderly which is would Bobi Bobi was built for.

I’m hoping to create a few sample dances and things for the kids at TANG if I can get the kit going. If Jibo-toolkit is still working and has the documentation in it it’d be most grateful if you could offer me membership.

Many thanks for all your help so far.

Malcolm aka fixed1t

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