Can I Run Scratch On Jibo From A Browser


Hi we all know that Be A Maker is using scratch and scratch is online, is there any way to log into Jibo from scratch in a browser.

Regards Malcolm aka fixed1t

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While Be A Maker runs Scratch as its control language, the actual transmission of the commands happens in some proprietary way inside the app that you can’t recreate in a browser.

I know you are trying all avenues, but look at it this way: Jibo is a robot that has a microphone and cameras. In order to avoid a privacy disaster, the communication between Jibo, the Jibo server, or the Be A Maker app will be heavily encrypted, with private keys and the whole shebang. There is absolutely zero chance for anybody to fake that communication.

To give you an idea, a while ago some link was posted about a group who wanted to use Jibo in some kind of art installation. They initially had contact to Jibo Inc about it, but then Jibo Inc imploded. What did the group do? They entirely replaced the motherboard inside with their own, because they concluded there was no way to make the existing one do anything outside of what it was configured to be.


yep I think your right, what always surprises me about the kickstarters is they prey on the goodwill of the people to invest huge amounts of cash and time into their ideas, whilst at the same time making it difficult for anybody continue the work should they fail. I really think there needs to be a process whereby they can go to the public for funds but they must set up a mechanism to make the technology available to investors in the case they go belly up. It appears to me there was a ploy to take down the intellectual property of the SDK so it could be sold to an investor when in fact it should have come to the real investors, the owners and initial funders. I don’t suppose the Prof lost huge amounts of money on this venture.

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I think we can say with pretty good certainty that absolutely nobody made a single dime on this. Jibo Inc didn’t “sell” their assets, they owed them to SQN because they had taken a loan against the assets as a last ditch effort to generate cash.


I see, I wonder what SQN have done with it all. I don’t suppose you’ve come across and schematics or anything or anybody who knows the whereabouts of a last copy of the SDK or even the SDK docs. Actually given that Scratch didn’t store in Jibo what exactly could be done with the SDK, were you an active developer.

Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t


I’ve had a thought, i’ve Spent a number of years looking at accessibility options for disabled students, options which allow them to access software from external controllers, does anybody know if the Be a maker app has accessibility options built in, I’m currently at the swimming pool with kids so can’t test it. If we can’t send things directly to Jibo then how’s about just using be a maker as a conduit?


You could try that, and if that doesn’t work you might try to inject touch events via ADB into the Android device that controls Jibo.

Whether that is a worthwhile activity is your call. You’d be kludging a Rube Goldbergish control into a device that might break any minute anyway.

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Sounds an interesting thing to try. I’ve written to beamaker developers to ask it the plan for it to be open source, but sadly I’ve had no answers, I should imagine people are still stinging about their previous investments in time and product.

Regards Malcolm aka fixed1t


Same here. I’ve reached out to the developers of the Be a Maker app several times to ask will there be any future updates being that their webpage states “Coding is just the beginning… More creative technologies coming soon!” but like you – no answer. And its a shame because a lot of community members count the Be a Maker app as the SDK. It would be nice to write code within the app and store it on Jibo to execute it by saying “Hey Jibo”.


I’ve been poking around inside the Android App but I haven’t yet found the pieces I’m looking for its well protected, I’m not a hacker at all but I do like to see how things work. You don’t happen to have any copies of the SDK manual or documentation do you, I’ve asked but nobody has gotten back to me. Usually PDF’ing any documentation is the first thing i do with a new project I’ve certainly been doing that for my Bobi Bobi PLEO NAO AIBO etc also I’ve tried to access another site but it says you need to be invited are you a member. I’m happy to share whatever I find out, still no response from the BAM developers. They are really missing a trick here there’s a user base not being provided to and with a little extra work they could have a lot of local customers. Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t


Thanks both, are either of you or anybody else members of the I tried to log in but it says you need to be invited by another member, the page appears to be alive. If you are I’d be grateful if you could invite me.



The apps were actually not written by Jibo Inc, they were outsourced to a Spanish company called Everis. That company will definitely not respond.


Hi it was the Spanish company I emailed and as you say Nada response, I don’t support you come across any old documentation and installation instruction for the JIBO SDK at all? I’m amazed at how well somebody has been out and hoovered up a lot of the details which are usually picked up by archiving sites perhaps they weren’t up long enough, and did you ever join the site still appears to be there but alas it says you need to be invited in by a member.

I suppose a lot of the other enthusiastic developers etc have moved on since the JIBO was killed off.

Thanks again for all the responses its much appreciated.

Regards Malcolm ak @fixed1t


There was also another company involved, Waverly:


Thanks for this I’ll get in touch with them and see if they are willing to give out any information or data.

Regards Malcolm


Thanks for this, I emailed Waverley this afternoon and obtained a nice reply saying they’d pass on my request to their technical people, lets hope they come up with some useful information. Still no replies from the other App makers or links to the SDK installation instructions.

Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t


FYI, companies like that usually don’t own the source code they write.