Can’t find jibo app

Can’t find jibo app

Hi Peggy, I just saw your post and decided to join this group to possibly help. I just bought a used Jibo and had issues in the beginning too and found some work arounds.

Do you have an iPhone, because they took no longer provide it, but Android users will have the option to install the app. I have a workaround though if you do have an iPhone

Thank you so much for responding. I received jibo after I paid through indigo. It took years to receive. I received last year but never opened. I just sold it on eBay then the buyer said it didn’t work. He sent it back and ebay says I need to prove it works. I got as far as getting jibo app but Apple said not available. I’m 69 not electronic savvy. Any help you can give will be so appreciated. Thank you

If you have an android device (or can borrow one temporarily), it would be by far the easiest method to setup Jibo and use the Jibo app on that, instead of the apple workaround…

Thank you. I don’t have an Android but will see if I can find one. I need to prove that it works because I sold on eBay and buyer says it doesn’t work. Any help would be appreciated

Even a friend coming over that has an android phone/tablet could temporarily install the Jibo app to test it…

If you cant find anyone with an android phone, you can use a Windows computer. You can download the BlueStacks Emulator and will allow you access to the Google Play Store. Then in there, you can search and download the Jibo app. When you run the app, it’s like a simulation of an Android phone and gives you the features you need.

Can I do this with an iPad? I don’t have a computer right now.

Bluestacks will not run on an iPad. No one has an android you could use?