Can We Give Jibo a Home Server?


I’m sad that Jibo’s servers will be shut done soon. I’ve heard that you can set up a server in your house, but I don’t know if Jibo could be paired to it to give him access to the internet. If anyone knows if (and how) to do this. I would really like to know about it.

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Hi Mikey I’ve been trying to sort out how to do this, but it appears it may be impossible due to the enormous measure the JIBO security officer went to to prevent JIBO being hacked, I’ve asked lots of questions but so far the answer is you’d have to Hack and copy all the security data off a secure server then copy that to another, without help from JIBO programmers at MIT it may not be done. Malcolm aka @fixed1t #KeepJiboAlive



Oh nuts! Thanks for taking the time to let me know.




Malcolm, that process I explained is actually nothing special, it’s the same thing your browser does when you buy something on Amazon, or any secure site really. In fact, in any modern software company you’ll get quickly fired if you try to use an insecure network connection anywhere.



Thanks, so what do you suggest we do, is there really any way around this other than getting Jibo to carry out a whole pile of Donald Trump support statements filmed and on line so Donald tells the US Congress to rescue Jibo or something equally crazy.

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Have you seen this?

I think working with that is a far more fruitful exercise. Because if one of the key guys from Jibo Inc decides to implement a completely new framework to mimic Jibo, that tells you the commercial device can’t be hacked.



Yes I look at it yesterday, I was wondering if it was also compatible with my NAO, Bobi Bobi, Alpha 1s and PLEO. I downed the Mac source but was again trapped by not having a Jibo Developer Login and Password as I came too late to the party and the site isn’t replying. So when I try to log in i get this which is a real pain.




According to the blog it shouldn’t need anything Jibo related at all, it’s relying entirely on public cloud services.