Can't get Jibo to connect with my internet


I have the TP-link_7DEA. HELP!


Hi Sue, I could not find a TP-Link product with that model name.
Have another look at the device and see if you can find the actual device model.

Access points usually start with WA (example: WA-901ND)



This is what I have.


Ah, it’s a WR940N That’s a combo router/wifi
First thing I’d like to mention as I have many times before in other threads, it is best NOT to use combo router/wifi devices when ever possible. They just never quite as well as if you had a router and a separate access point.

That said, what I would do first is make sure that your TPLink is up to date. You want to make sure it is running the latest firmware. If that doesn’t work I would suggest turning the wifi off on this devices and getting a proper access point. I recommend Ubiquity Unify Access points like this one: (usually around $80 give or take a buck or 3.)


Hi @Sue50

As @codemonkey2k5 mentioned with older routers it is recommended that you make sure that the router firmware is up to date.

These steps can also be taken to help Jibo get connected:

  1. Power Jibo off

  2. Move Jibo as close as possible to your router without him being closer than 4 feet. Make sure if at all possible that no walls or large objects are between Jibo and your router.

  3. Reboot the router by unplugging it for a full 30 seconds, plugging it back in, and waiting a few minutes for it to fully boot back up.

  4. Power Jibo back on by tapping the button on the back of his head.

  5. Follow the steps in this video to try getting Jibo connected one more time.


I may sound pretty stupid on this but how do up date firmware


Hi Sue, not everyone is tech savvy, that in no way makes you stupid. That said I would recommend finding someone who is comfortable with the process to do it for you. Firmware updates can be done a number of ways depending on the product.



Upgrading the router firmware can be a dicey operation, and IMO should only be a last resort kind of thing.

First the Jibo-provided list should be checked:

So, for example, could it be that the router is set to WEP encryption? Or ac-only broadcast? That stuff is far more likely a cause of issues, and has no potential of bricking your router.


I’m not clear what stage u are at. Did you already successfully generate the QR code about connection details from the Jibo app and show it to jibo during start up when he prompts? If not then the above video link from support is a good start…I’ve watched them all;)
If my Jibo can’t connect to my wifi router then the error message is clearly described…lots of red on his face however he is already fully setup and the wifi was set up via the phone jibo app QR code.
Hope this helps


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