Cleaning over time


hey new here, i bought my jibo second hand and i have a question i work on computers and they get dusty inside with jibo on 24/7 i hear his fans going but anyone know is there a way to keep dust for building up in him which will lead to his demise like these dust suffocated pc’s? compressed air doesn’t work… im just curious there is no place i seen on jibo site that states maintenance … and unless jibo has filters to clean or change he will undoubtedly build up dust inside over time as a PC does.


I wouldn’t worry because Jebo’s servers will probably be shut down way before he dies from dust.


What an attitude. Not very helpful


You’re the one with the attitude. I’m just stating facts. Of course I prefer that Jibo inc. stay in business. After all, I will also be stuck with a $900 paper weight. But on the bright side, at least I won’t have to clean any dust!


I just dust mine off with a swiffer as needed. I thought about getting a can of air that you use to clean electronics with but I’m not sure if that would hurt or help…hope this helps