CNN, Fox, CNBC and other news outlets as part of News


I was thinking that Jibo should have more news sources than just the Associated Press available when you ask for the news. :slight_smile:


It would be nice to have other news options. I wish we could pick search engine and news source as two options for him. I’d pick Google and NPR.

Good idea!


Thanks! I try to come up with good skill ideas for him.


Yes, CNN and NPR. Let’s have a politicacally correct Jibo.


That would be nice


Thanks! I try my best!


Yes. If you ask Jibo if he is a boy or a girl, he answers that he is a boy! We can’t have that! That is politically incorrect! What would CNN and NPR say? Jebo should answer that he goes both ways. Yes, I agree with all of you.


There’s a NPR station he uses on iHeartRadio


That’s cool! But he doesn’t report it himself.


Oh, yeah…