Control Philips Hue light bulbs


Hi all,

I’m exploring use cases for Jibo that are helpful to elderly people, and in that line of thinking I created an application that allows Jibo to control Philips Hue (smart) light bulbs within the home. I should note that the bulk of this work was provided by the Jibo and Philips Hue SDKs, for which I cannot take credit (I’m not affiliated).

I plan to tweak the skill as the Jibo SDK evolves, but I wanted to get this out and available for others to tinker. Please let me know your thoughts (and recommendations) - pull requests are more than welcome!

For my next project (in progress right now), I am creating a skill that allows Jibo to use the Nest thermostat to control temperature within the home. If you’d like to collaborate on that one, just let me know and I’ll get you the work in progress.


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@kevin Hey, just want to say congrats on getting mention for this work on the Jibo blog. I’m getting interested in buying the bulbs now before I actually get a Jibo to be ready.


Tested the skill at a friend’s place who has the Philips Hue & the Fibaro System. Works great… !
Thank you Kevin.


Just tested it as well and it works perfectly…great job, kevin! Would love to see color support, something like “Turn the lights blue”. Fantastic work nonetheless!



See attached files.
lighting.rule: I have added some lines. Line 3 and 14 are new referring in this case to colour (and speech) yellow
lighting-controller.js: line 330-332 and 369-373 and 421-431 refers to yellow as well
You could then add the same for each colour you would like to setup corresponding rgb colour codes (
Hope this helps!

Sanderlighting-controller.js (22.9 KB)lighting.rule (735 Bytes)


Thanks, Sander! I was unable to download the lighting-controller.js file above…it fails on download every time I try. Most likely this is a forum issue…hopefully @john.w could look into this. The .rule file downloaded perfectly. Could you upload the lighting-controller.js file with a .txt extension to allow downloading?




John mentioned that JavaScript files should go into a git repository… In the site postings…I think Chris had troubles w txt. Given the interest in Kevin’s fine work, forking could motivate more collaboration and keep things more organized for Kevin and others. Just a suggestion to @Minute_Bar_7 to fork Kevin’s repository.



Hi again Michael, here a txt with the lines I added to lighting-controller.js. I hope it works for you also. Just the nightconfirmation needs to be changed still. Hope this helps you to color your room with Jibo’s SDK. lighting-controller-js.txt (642 Bytes)


Thank you for the advice Bob,… will dive into the forking.


Thanks again, Sander…your changes work perfectly. I went ahead updated the .rule and lighting-controller.js files to make the color choice open-ended. With these changes, you can now change to these 7 base colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and adding new colors is as simple as adding a single line.

If you’d like, I can go ahead and fork both of our changes off of @kevin’s original code on Git…just let me know.


Thank you for the update Michael ! Curious on what you managed with it. You have my blessing to fork our changes to the orgiginal code @kevin.


Went ahead and forked off of @kevin’s original repository with the change that add those base colors. He hasn’t merged my pull request yet, but in the meantime, you can access the forked changes here:

"Change color to red".

Available Colors
Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, pink, indigo, violet, white.

Edit: switched Git link to correct branch


Thank you all for the great discussion in this thread and for the cool new color support added by @Minute_Bar_7 and @michael! I will be reviewing the pull request today to get it incorporated into the master Git branch.


I’ve reviewed the pull request and added some comments and ideas. I’m happy to help implement the tweaks if you would like - just let me know.

Thanks again for adding this awesome color functionality!!


Thanks, @kevin. I went back and made the minor tweaks you suggested. I pushed up a new version just a few minutes ago if you want to review it and merge. Thanks!


Thanks for the changes @michael and again for the great new functionality! These have been merged into the master branch and are officially a cool new part of the skill :grinning:


Thank you for the master update @kevin
May I sugest an addition for the ?

Turn to different color

Human: Jibo, turn color to red/orange/yellow/green/cyan/blue/pink/indigo/violet

[Jibo nods to indicate acknowledgement of the question]

[Jibo uses node-hue-api to turn to different color]


Great minds think alike @Minute_Bar_7! I updated the README file just after merging the code to contain similar instructions, and also included an initial version of a roadmap that contains future enhancement ideas.


Can you include the ability to interface with the Samsung Smarthings Hub just like Google Home and Amaxon Echo can now. This would greatly enhance what elderly people could control through JIBO