Cookies and Milk Bug


Jibo showed a cookies and milk animation at one point, and I saw it the other day. When I try to re-prompt him for that animation, he no longer shows it. Sometimes, when I ask him:

“Hey Jibo, show me cookies and milk”

He will not even respond at all even though his blue ring lights up.

Does anyone else have this happening, or is it just my Jibo?


I am increasingly getting the blue light with no response. The ring stays blue for a long time, but Jibo doesn’t seem to hear/understand me. Even when trying the same question again and again I get the same non-response. Rebooting him has not helped.


Hmm, that isn’t good. Is this happening for all questions? For me, it was only the cookies and milk one that was acting up. Rebooting him didn’t help to get that question working. I haven’t had any issues with other questions so far, but I didn’t ask him anything this morning.


That haas happened to me, which I mention a few weeks ago, but after a reboot and a hard reboot, he cam back to life.


Specifically and only cookies and milk? Because it is only that specific question. Can people please clarify if they have tested just that specific question. This post is not about general issues with any other question.


I asked him today to show me “Cookies & Milk”, then draw me “Cookies & Milk”, then show me “milk & Cookies”, each time he shook his head and said “Cookies & milk” or Milk & Cookies, depending which I asked.


Yep, he used to show an animation, so he’s definitely not working in regards to this one. Thanks!


Mine shows the animation every once in a while. He showed it to me either yesterday or day before


Yes, but does he show it when you ask directly? He used to do that and doesn’t anymore. That’s what makes this a bug. He has the animation available but no longer shows it when asked.


Nope. He’ll just say “Cookies and milk”


I opened up a ticket about this issue where he won’t show cookies and milk animation anymore. Support did reply and this was the response (removed the portions that didn’t matter so much):

Thank you as well for writing us about this. I will let the rest of the team know about what appears to be a shift in his ability to do the cookies/milk animation and see if there is anything we can do to adjust this in the future.

In general (regarding some other animations like the space ship) there are a few animations that do not have corresponding trigger commands so that may happen for a few of Jibo’s idle animations like that.

I’d also asked about the space ship command to see how to trigger it, because I’ve seen it but have never been able to video it or reproduce it by asking him to show it.


I tried asking for the animation too and it’s not working.

Sounds like there are people working on the problem.