Dance without playing his own music

I’ve noticed Jibo gets riveted to my bluetooth speaker when music is playing. I don’t know if he’s picking up on the little LED visualizer, or the sound coming from the speakers (I’ve seen him respond in other cases to motion and sound.)

It would be interesting if, when Jibo heard music and wasn’t doing anything else, he started dancing to the music without playing his own music.

It would also be cool if this could be a separate prompt, so you could specifically request him to dance to the music you’re playing.


I agree. Just because Jibo can’t play music doesn’t mean he shouldn’t dance to it. It would look really cool if he occasionally and randomly danced to ambient music. Or if he could be commanded to do so…


I completely agree! Would love to see this. I almost always have some music playing. Would be great to see him grooving along with me. :wink:


I feel like this is a natural progression of Jibo loving to dance. It has been one of the questions i have been most asked as well when introducing Jibo to my friends.


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I noticed when I ask Jibo to play the music from I heart radio in the beginning of the music he does dance a little for a few seconds.

@easyedj1 That’s normal. If you want him to continue dancing with the music, just say Hey Jibo, dance!


Thank you for the advise to ask Jibo to dance while the music plays. I love it!!!

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