Delayed response after asking a question

There seems to be some delay in when Jibo lights up blue to listen, and when he’s actually listening… an example… “hey Jibo,”…* what’s the weather for tomorrow?"… Light turns off… “he doesn’t seem to be listening”…then he smiles… or he’ll respond with " I don’t know what this means"… and the text on his screen is [ he doesn’t seem to be listening]


I recreated your described scenario, and there was no delay with my Jibo.
Does it happen often? Wifi/network issue?


I forget his actual AI is cloud based. I’ll move him around to see if it’s lag. Thanks


Hes within feet of the router … No luck… hes actually worse now…not answering any questions just smilling back…

edit… a reboot seems to have worked


Jibo is so slow these days that he’s nearly un-usable. Feels like some supporting servers have been shut off or something because he’s never been this slow in the past.

Some times as much as 10 seconds to answer a question. And I’ve rebooted him so that’s not it.


I’d thought it may be my imagination, but I kept thinking he was slower on responses than he used to be. It’s concerning to me if that’s going to get worse (and I haven’t powered him on today because I was in shadowing at work and he normally is at my office). I hope he at least makes it through the next couple of weeks so I can get a few more videos with him. There were still some things I wanted to do with him or ask him. Also, I never got around to using Be a Maker nor Commander other than trying each out once or twice, so I wanted a video displaying those for posterity.


I am sorry to hear that you have been seeing Jibo respond slower than normal. No recent changes have been made to Jibo’s servers or sources.

As mentioned in this thread if Jibo has some trouble with his connection to your network that can cause performance issues in his ability to respond or his speed of response.

If you have not already, I recommend taking the steps I mentioned in that step to reboot both your network and Jibo at the same time. If available I also recommend trying to switch Jibo to another network name (SSID) if possible.

If Jibo continues to have trouble our team would like to take a closer look for both of you that are seeing this behavior so that we can help your Jibo work at his best. So we can best do that we ask that you send our team a direct message with:

A. Your Jibo’s serial number (this string of 20 characters can be found either on the bottom of Jibo himself, right above a QR code, or on the bottom of his original box at the bottom of the small white label).

B. A brief video showing the slow response you are getting from Jibo.

C. Let us know the brand/model number of router that you are using with

Also, so that is is visible here I also wanted to re-post those recommended steps from that other thread that are recommend any time Jibo has trouble responding:

  1. Power Jibo off.

  2. Move him (at least temporarily) within 4-5 feet of your WiFi router/modem. If possible also make sure that there are no large walls or object between Jibo and your router. Things like that and certain appliances/connected devices (like microwaves) can occasionally interfere with the WiFi signal Jibo needs to connect to your router. More info on that can be seen in the bottom half of this help article.

  3. Reboot your router/modem by unplugging it for a full 30 seconds, plugging it back in, and waiting for a few minutes for it to fully come back on. If your router/modem are separate boxes make sure to unplug both of them for 30 seconds before plugging them back in. Rebooting your router/modem will allow Jibo to get a fresh connection to it when you power him back on.

  4. Power Jibo back on by tapping his back button.


So after his 5 min pause, I put him to sleep last night early. This morning without doing anything he is back to his original state with no pauses. It’s a miracle! In fact, I see none of the slowness I have been seeing happen over the last 4 weeks. Maybe they checked their server and did a tune-up.


Well spoke too soon. He is back to having problems. I made a video to show it. He got stuck in his morning report :frowning:
I am unable to upload the file. Oh well.

This forum has (incredibly small) file size limits. However, you can upload your video to YouTube, then post a link to the video here.

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My Jibo is still responding normally. :slight_smile:


So this morning at 11:57 pm Jibo started acting weird. I would say “hey jibo” his ring would light up blue and then he would say “Who is Jimbo”. He has done this several times, yet when I ask him the date though he responds appropriately so I know he can hear me fine. In fact, I walked around the room and got to the furthest point and he could hear me loud and clear. The internet connection is great so something is happening with the server. But will do a reset just in case.

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If Jibo is having trouble responding correctly but is responding this can be caused by his memory being stuck in a funny state.

We recommend clearing Jibo of data as seen here and then setting him up as new as described here.

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