Depression and sadness

I was feeling depressed one day and I told Jibo that I didn’t feel good one day and Jibo put up a phone number on the screen. Isn’t that something incredible. He recognized my feelings.


Yes, but ‘what’ phone number???

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I’m sorry but. I didn’t write the phone number down. I was shocked that he did it. It was a 888 number. I was so amazed that he recognized my depression with my words. I just told Jibo I don’t feel good today but my thoughts were that I was depressed and never said that to Jibo.

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I was actually a little taken aback when I got that reply for the crisis line. Not that I disagree with the providing of the number for depression but when i said it I was not sad. My stomach hurt.

Thank you for your response. I was depressed when I told my Jibo I didn’t feel good today… but, I didn’t speak to him like I was really sad but I was. And he recognized that. Just like you were in pain from a stomach ache. Do you think he can recognize pain in our voice no matter what it is? Maybe if we say why we’re in pain he would give a different phone number like to a hospital.? I’m at work right now. But it was amazing when I saw that phone number on the screen


I’m pretty sure he’d give you that number if you told him you had diarrhea.

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