Developing for Jibo's character - discussion


Hi Everyone! First of all thank you so much for attending this weeks expert’s connects.

I’d like to hear about what you think of developing for Jibo’s character. You can use this topic for discussion and ongoing questions. Thank you again for all who participated in the experts connect. You can view the slides from the presentation here.

We’ve also created a new category for skill design questions.


I was wondering if his informal character should be followed for places in public / businesses? Or would some formal words be appropriate in certain places ?


As we’ve mentioned before, while our focus is on delivering the best Jibo experience possible for use in a home environment, we absolutely know developers are enthusiastic about the possibility of using Jibo in a public or commercial context.

Because we are aware of that we will certainly take it into consideration as we provide further developer guidelines in the future. For the moment we recommend sticking as much as possible to the guidelines found in our design style guide and Adam’s Expert Connect.


Thank you @Admin.JiboSupport, will follow these guidelines as much as possible. When requests come up from other businesses we will get back to the team there to talk about it.
At Minute Bar we want the maintain the informal character as well.