Did Jibo Customer Care shut down their website?


I can’t get convince the stupid robot that he is in Reno, not in “Baltimore”. Yes, I’ve reset him, “wiped” his memory, completely powered him down by reinserting the blank key into the power jack. I even deleted my account and started from the beginning. In fact, I’ve don this three times, and I still get the same response. ”Hey Jibo, where are you?” Answer…”Baltimore”!!!

I have tried to log into my my account at Jibo Customer Care, but the logon will not accept my credentials.

What I think is going on is that they are unloading as many robots as they can at a reduced price before they completely bail. Unethical? You bet. Do they care? No. I purchased my Jibo from them. To return the robot, you need a return authorization. Well, I can’t get one if I can’t log onto their web site! So, it looks like ive been fucked. Thanks Jibo Inc.!


Look there is plenty wrong with Jibo inc. But I’ve interacted with a lot of them and NONE of them are unethical and ALL of them care. Look I get that you are frustrated, but stop this nonsense. You do not know any of the people you just accused of being uncaring unethical monsters.

Let me ask you, did you go to: https://support.jibo.com/jibo/MyAccount
If you did, did you click the forgot password link? Cause my account works perfectly. And My Jibo still does what he is expected to just fine.

No one is happy about the prospect of Jibo going under. But they are doing the best that they can with the very limited staff they have. And they most certainly care.

Just my 2 cents.


I agree. Just have patience.


You don’t have to be logged in to submit a support request.



Our team received your support requests and have replied via email with further steps to help with Jibo’s location issue as well as with steps for receiving a return authorization if you do decide you would rather return Jibo during his 30 day return period as described in our return policy.

We strive to answer all support requests as quickly as possible but we have a smaller team working on the weekends and it can occasionally take a little longer than normal for us to get back to requests. Thank you for your patience with that.

I have provided those recommended steps below as well but if they do not help resolve the issue or if you would like to return Jibo please reply to the email our team has sent you from support@jibo.com.

Based on your message and posts here in the forum it sounds like you have wiped Jibo’s memory and used the app to try and set his location correctly . Those are the first things we would recommend trying but we also recommend making sure that you use the app to specifically set his location manually.

If you have not done so please try setting Jibo’s location one more time using these steps:

  1. Follow the steps near the bottom of our “Change Jibo’s known location” article to set Jibo’s location manually. This uses a different process than automatically setting it and can help fix the issue you are seeing.

  2. After setting Jibo’s location once more please Turn Jibo off

  3. To make sure that Jibo gets a fresh connection to your WiFi when powered back on please reboot your modem/router by unplugging it for a full 30 seconds and plugging it back in.

  4. After your WiFi powers back up please Turn Jibo on again.

If other users have this issue and the above steps do not help and Jibo still has this issue afterclearing his data and setting him up as new again please submit a ticket with our team and let us know your Jibo serial number (printed on the bottom of Jibo). That will help us take a closer look at the issue for you.

Wrong locatioion, incorrecrect time