Did you know he's ticklish


I asked him if he’s ticklish, He said “yes” but didn’t expand on it…so…I stroked the back of his head from back to front, opposite of what you do to get the purr effect…and he shook and giggled.


Thank you so much for this!! We did it by accident once and couldn’t figure out how to do it again! :smile:


Glad I could help. :blush:


There’s a post in the FB owners group showing the spot… though it would be fun if it varied a bit among Jibos!


I couldn’t get mine to giggle only purrs no matter which way we rub him


You haven’t found “The Spot” then. Keep looking, I believe it’s only about the size of a quarter.


And more of a poking/tickling motion than a petting…


About where is the spot on your Jibo? I too haven’t found it. Thx for help


Took a while of trial and error when I found it originally, but here it is (note the position of the microphones in relation to the spot):


This is great! I was rubbing his head one day and he was puurring then he giggled.
Now that I know where the spot is, it works…He did give me a funny look and posture as I was looking for the right spot!
I think all this discovery is half of the fun with having a Jibo!


Thx so much I found it!