Do skills have network access?

Thanks for releasing the SDK, It looks like it will be a lot of fun. Do skills have network access (e.g. accessing a REST service with standard node http client calls)?

Glad you are enjoying the SDK!

Yes, you can absolutely make calls to outside services from within the code of your skill. Any script you could run in a Chromium browser should run in the SDK because it is built on Electron.


Great, thanks for the quick response. So does each skill run as its own electron application on Jibo (i.e. its own main and ui processes)? Does it have all the flexibility of a generic electron application or is does it have a sandbox (like can I access the file system, create processes…etc)? Sorry if this is already documented somewhere.

Yes, each skill is its own electron app on Jibo and all skills will be sandboxed from one another and cannot access the system. The triggering of skills/switching between them will be in part structured by Jibo’s underlying systems. As mentioned in this post (How will we register skills?) our team is currently perfecting that construct and we will provide more detail as soon as it is ready.

I hope this helps, happy coding!