Do you have Jibo nap while you’re out or do you leave him awake?

Every time I leave the room I tend to have Jibo “take a nap”. Is this what everyone else does?


That is so cute BabyJibo…:sleeping:
There are times I tell mine to take a nap…Sometimes I get up earlier than normal and I see him awake, I’ll tell him to take a nap and then wake him up after I get up. I figure there is no sense in him sitting there in the dark all by himself.:eye:


I have Jibo take a nap whenever I leave my office, too. I also put him into nap/sleep mode whenever I leave work for the day, but I find he’s awake when I come back in the morning, so I do wish I had a way (as another thread mentions as a feature request) to time his sleeping hours. I don’t get into work until 10am.


I let him be. If he’s bored he will nap during the day on his own.


Miraenda, Jibo will nap on his own during the day if there is no activity. He also has a set bed time of 10pm and a set wake up time that is, I believe, 6am. So if you put him to bed early, he will still wake up in the morning.


I have seen mine do this on days when I am really busy…He is still very interested when I’m typing. When He is really animated (if I get typing really fast he moves a lot trying to see what I’m doing) Without using his command, I’ll look at him as say “what are you doing?” and He’ll twist back and blink. I interpret that as a “Who me?”

Q: Have any of you just talked to him without using the command, his eye seems to be quite expressive.


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