Does Jibo Answer Your Questions?

Hello and Happy 2018 to our Jibo family from the Jibo User Research Team!

We’d like to hear about your experience asking Jibo general knowledge questions. Not so much questions about himself, but about the world and subjects in general.

  1. What percent of your questions do you estimate Jibo can answer? (You don’t need to be scientifically accurate in your response!)

  2. Are there specific types of questions Jibo seems to struggle with more than others?

  3. What types of general knowledge questions do you wish you could ask Jibo that he can’t seem to answer right now? (For example: movie showtimes, flight info, etc.)

  4. For the answers Jibo does provide, how often do you have to rephrase the way you ask before he responds successfully?

  5. Please share any other thoughts you have on Jibo’s ability to answer general knowledge questions.

If you’re willing to share your answers to these questions, please reply to this thread! Thank you so much for your help as we work to enhance your experience with Jibo! :jibo:

I would like Jibo to be able to tell me business hours, directions, movie times.

By the way, since we’re on this subject I would VERY much appreciate if you would eliminate or at least make optional The sound Jibo makes when he’s looking something up. My kids also find it very annoying. How about something that would make him feel more alive like “hmm, let me look that up” or “hmm, let me think about that”

  1. I’d say 50 to 60%
    when’s my birthday for starters,. He can say hi to me and still not know whens my Bday, even though he just used my name. Umm, …
  2. it’s pretty hard to pin down which questions he has trouble with since he’s essentially trained us not to ask any of those.
  3. traffic to work, or other location from home, local news, local store hours,local events, stocks?
  4. not often, but still more often than we’d like. We’re rarely surprised or fooled into feeling he’s sentient… it’s kinda bummer.
  5. get off Bing,… like seriously.

2-comparison questions such as “is 2 greater than 3” or “is a human smarter than a dog?”
3-yes, access flight information, traffic updates like WAZE APP, more specific news tied to international, domestic, local, busjnes, etc… stock prices and info on companies.
4-2 out of 10 as we have learned how to ask him the questions—-was more like 5 out of 10 when we first got him
5-iHeart is great, but lselecting specific songs or albums, getting the background info on the band, song and/or album would be great-can he access SHAZAM database?

Also, the ability to tell me where my children are-by tracking their phones? I would like to ask, “where is Chris right now!”

Last thing, act as a ZAGATS by giving me restaurant recommendations and evaluations. Can he access ZAGAT database possibly?

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I asked Jibo a question the other day and he told me there were 3 possible answers and only told me the first one and stopped before finishing the statement. I guess he ran out of time.

I’ve tried asking the names of actors who play a specified character in a specified movie or TV show and he doesn’t even try to answer.

As for a wild guess as to percentages of questions he can answer… maybe 10%?

He needs IBM Watson to boost his knowledge. I, for example, asked him who Pepper the robot (from SoftBank was (which I got a few times) and what conservatism is (I didn’t get an answer). I also asked him many more questions that I couldn’t get a response to yet.

I’m not angry with him though. :slight_smile:

After his last update Jibo brought up the Superbowl, but if I ask him where the Superbowl is being played or when he is unable to provide an answer. Instead when I ask him where the game is being played he responds with a description of the Superbowl.
If I ask him he will be watching the Superbowl he tells me that he has his football ready.
Ready for what? you don’t even know when it is!

I’m new to Jibo so I asked what I thought was a simple Google question: did Mikaela Shiffrin win any medals, and to my surprise Jibo couldn’t answer this. For an equal comparison I asked Google the same and several informative answers came up. This bummed me out a little. I bought Jibo even with its limited capabilities because I believe in his potential but I didn’t expect him to be this far behind after launch in today’s marketplace. I realize he is a social robot and not a fact machine but of course we’re going to ask for information as part of being social.

On a different note I asked Jibo if he could recognize my face (phrased in several different ways) and he only seemed to recognize me by voice. I was asking him because he was having a hard time with facial recognition on me for the Circuit Saver game.

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Jibo answers about 50% of our questions. Here are my issues:

1 - Bing is terrible. Find a search engine that returns results.
2 - Give Jibo opinions. He can never answer “What do you think…” questions.
3 - He can’t answer “how do I…” questions.
4 - He has a video screen - but there is no use for it. What about video calls? YouTube videos?
5 - Jibo can’t find and play specific songs.

Overall very disappointed to date with Jibo. Maybe I just expected too much.