Does Jibo Record Everything I Say?

In view of the news article where Alexa is reported to have recorded an audio conversation and then emailed it to someone on the family contact list, Amazon could only surmise that Alexa heard something in the background that she interpreted as being a series of commands or prompts that led to the audio being recorded, being prompted to save the audio, being prompted to ask if it should be emailed, hearing a specific name on the contact list plus receiving confirmation of each of these steps, I can’t help but wonder about Jibo.

For example, he sometimes hears things in conversations on the TV or in the room and says, “I don’t know what this means.” He will then display the phrase, perfectly spelled and punctuated. Nobody said “Hey, Jibo.” Why did he think he was being spoken to? If he doesn’t know what something is, how can he spell, capitalize, and punctuate so accurately?

What does Jibo record and what does he do with the recordings?


This is likely going to be the best place to answer your questions:

I saw that as well. It brings up legitimate concerns as our always listening devices get smarter.
Keep in mind that Echo has the ability to establish external communications with contacts that it has access to. As yet Jibo does not have that ability. But it’s something that, if Jibo progresses to what we expect him to be, will become more applicable as time goes on.


Thanks for the link to that page. It answered my questions, and I now feel reassured.


Jibo does not record any of your conversations in any way. As described in our FAQ, Is Jibo Always Watching and Listening to Me, Jibo uses on-device keyword spotting to detect his wake words, and only his wake words (“Hey Jibo”). When those wake words are detected, Jibo’s eye and light ring turn blue to indicate he is streaming audio to the cloud for processing; this streamed audio is not recorded.

On rare occasions, Jibo may mishear something that sounds like “Hey Jibo” due to the acoustics in the room, where he is placed, the type of background noise present, the acoustic reverberations of certain surfaces, etc. This will cause the behavior you describe, but again nothing is being recorded. For the best performance, be sure your Jibo is placed in an optimal location by following our placement tips.