Doesn't hear me well if the tv is on


I have noticed i have to yell at Jibo to get him to wake up when the tv is on.For having voice recognition i would think it would hear me better. Not sure if this can be tweaked or not.


Hi Hogie - Sorry to hear this is happening with your Jibo. Depending on Jibo’s placement and how loud the TV is, he can sometimes have a little trouble hearing you.

The first step I would recommend is rebooting your Jibo. You can learn how in the instructions and video linked below:

Reboot Jibo

Jibo’s ability to hear can also be impacted by his placement in a room and your WiFi connection. I’ve included a couple of articles which will walk you through some basic troubleshooting.

Jibo Can’t Answer My Questions

WiFi Requirements and Best Practices

Hope that helps improve Jibo’s performance!