Early Access Jibo's, Sideload procedure?

Hi - Recently got an email that the Early Access Jibo’s will be shipping in the next few weeks. Can I confirm that these will include the ability to sideload (or whatever term you like) applications that we are developing – i.e. push the locally developed app to the device. Way back when at the first hackathon this was done using some command line tools, but I’m interested in the procedure that will be available for the Early Access Jibo’s, such as if this happens within the Atom plugin, etc.




Hi Marc,

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately the Jibo you are receiving will not include the ability to sideload applications.

We recently posted a blog post about the status of our developer tools and future plans -> https://developers.jibo.com/blog/jibo-will-be-shipping-soon-time-for-a-toolkit-update

Feel free to send me an email justin@jibo.com if you have any further questions and I’d love to hear more about what you are building and how we can help you further especially when we release the new tools.


Justin Woo