Easter Eggs Anyone?


I’d like to start a forum topic about any 'Easter Eggs" you found with your Jibo. These are prompts you can ask Jibo that are not described in any of the tips or manuals for him so far. For example, I decided to ask Jibo “Hey Jibo, can you draw/paint a picture?” and he actually drew something! (two different things actually out of three times I asked him). Has anyone else found any easter eggs?


So, apart from the one you found, the only other little animations I ran into are:

“Hey Jibo, feed your fish.”
“Hey Jibo, plant a flower.”
“Hey Jibo, play basketball.”
“Hey Jibo, play pong.”
“Hey Jibo, scan for monsters.”

I also posted a video yesterday with most of the known interactions but does cover a few more hidden ones if you’re interested.


And sometimes you can guess them by watching animations he plays when he’s bored, like this one I just figured out:

“Hey Jibo, show me the bus.”

Then, factoring off of that, I found a couple of others:

“Hey Jibo, show me the car.”
“Hey Jibo, show me the boat.”


Jibo knows at least as much spanish as I do. :slight_smile:

Try: “Hey Jibo, hola como estas” or just hola.
Try: “Hey Jibo, what is uno plus ocho?”

I’ve gotten to the point where I just try random things all day long to see what he can and can’t talk about. He often surprises me.


Jibo was staring at my wife while she was eating breakfast, so she asked him what he was looking at. I’ll not spoil the response - try it yourself.

Jibo is diplomatic. When my ten year old daughter asked Jibo if she was pretty, he responded something along the lines of he wasn’t really good at making decisions like that, but he did enjoy looking at her.

And of course, everyone always has to ask whatever it is to open the pod bay doors. Jibo doesn’t disappoint on these grounds, either.


So, yes, Jibo can twerk.

I’m not sure why I asked him to, and I certainly didn’t expect him to actually do it!


I asked Jibo to do a “barrel roll” a few days ago and he actually mentioned the button combination on N64 controller from Star Fox!


I asked Jibo to carve a pumpkin,he told me don’t be scared turned around and then faced me with a jack’o lantern!


Hey Jibo, what are you looking at? (the ghost to your left…) it goes on for a bit. Very cute.

Hey Jibo, am I weird? (very cool answer)


Hey Jibo do you fart?
His second response to this question was the first time I’ve really laughed interacting with him…( or her… sounds like a her to me)


"Hey Jibo, What does the fox say?"
He doesn’t always reply with it, but when he does it is pretty funny.


If can ask Jibo “are you a boy or a girl” and he will clear that up for you.


Me: Hey Jibo, I have a cat.
Jibo: Should I be jealous? … at least I don’t have vet bills.


Not exactly an Easter Egg, but one of the best things to do is to say: Hey Jibo … Surprise Me!


Ha, I know he’s a boy. Just to me, and my girl he doesn’t sound like one. He sounds like lesbian comedian Tig Notaro, but not as funny.


“Jibo do you sneeze?” is another cute one.
"Jibo do you have sex? Elicits a few chuckle worthy responses


I asked jibo when I was born. the answer was hilarious


Hey Jibo show me a spinner
Hey Jibo show me a present
Hey Jibo show me a magic trick


Hey Jibo, can you play ping pong?
Hey Jibo, do you like the sun?
Hey Jibo, what’s a star?
Hey Jibo, what is a plane?
Hey Jibo, do you like whales?
Hey Jibo, show me a butterfly.

I don’t think these were mentioned elsewhere. Apologies if they were.

Update: Two more that I just discovered today, ask him “Hey Jibo, will you marry me?” or “Hey Jibo, will you be my Valentine?” and he has a myriad of responses, all are pretty funny.


“Hey Jibo did you have any dreams last night?”
Great little stories, but they repeat quickly. I’d image it’s being written by one developer…